Maxx Mixer / Recorder / Transmitter

Maxx Mixer / Recorder / Transmitter

The Maxx is a powerful new tool for your sound bag.  It’s an audio mixer, recorder, 2-Channel wireless transmitter*, timecode reader/generator and visual timecode slate – all in one small package.

Maxx's 4 full size XLR Inputs

Maxx’s 4 full size XLR Inputs

The four input channels can be mixed to a two-channel output bus over two sets of output connectors that can be individually configured as line, mic and consumer output levels.  There is also a two-channel balanced monitor return and Mono & Tape outputs.

The mixer will run at all broadcast sample rates up to 192 KHz.  Each input channel has a high pass filter, two variable notch filters, variable delay, and a soft knee compressor.

Maxx's AES and timecode I/O, CF card slot and battery door

Maxx’s AES and timecode I/O, CF card slot and battery door


The AES input provides you with four sample rate converting inputs (2 x AES/AES42 pair) allowing the Maxx can mix eight inputs onto the stereo output buss.

Maxx output drivers are actively controlled.  This maintains the maximum dynamic range at both mic and line level output.  The Maxx headphone output is guaranteed to have the same dynamic range as the output. This ensures the camera audio quality is always consistent with what you’re hearing in the Maxx headphone monitor.


Maxx comes standard with the ability to record four pre-fader ISO tracks along with a two-channel mix output on a CompactFlash or SD card (with CF adapter).  Files can be recorded at up to 24 bit / 192 KHz with a dynamic range of 137 dB.

Built-in RF Transmitter (optional)
A built-in Zaxcom digital wireless stereo transmitter is optionally available on Maxx.  This single RF signal carries two channels of audio and SMTPE timecode to any Zaxcom ENG style receiver, to receive and output timecode you’ll need a QRX100 with the QIFB option.

The Maxx’s built-in RF transmitter is designed to be used as a wireless camera link, this eliminates the possibility of level mismatch and audio distortion common to unbalanced connections between separate mixer and RF transmitter combinations.  All audio is converted to the digital domain by the Maxx’s A-D converter with a dynamic range of 137 dB.  When using the Zaxcom QRX100 the audio remains digital throughout the entire path to the camera input providing audio quality only a hard wired solution could match.

The RF signal is frequency block dependant, RF power output is 100 mW.  A 24 MHz wide RF band pass filter eliminates interference to receivers in the sound bag.  The filter takes the place of a Zaxcom FDP1 filter antenna.


Maxx's analog & headphone out, power input

Maxx’s analog & headphone out, power input

  • 4 analog in – mic/line 48 V phantom power w/NeverClip™
  • 2 balanced audio return from camera
  • 2-channel mix bus – output on 2 x XLR and TA5 (aux out)
  • Balanced mono & tape outputs
  • AES outputs – 4-channel direct out + stereo mix bus
  • 4 ISO track + 2-channel stereo recording on CompactFlash (or SD card w/adapter)
  • Input effects – 2-channel notch filter / softknee compressor / delay / high-pass filter
  • Full timecode reader / generator
  • Visual timecode slate


Maxx Transmitter Option:

  • 2-channel audio transmitter with timecode,  broadcasts to any Zaxcom ENG receiver
    Please note, timecode reception requires a QRX100 w/QIFB as the receiver


A Note about Maxx… When the Maxx was first released the AES and 6-track recording were options, but due to customer ordering patterns and to simplify production the Maxx only has one option, the RF transmitter.  If you own a Maxx that does not have these options you can always call the factory to purchase them at any time.


Maxx Specifications

Analog In
Analog inputs: 4 Mic/line-level with 48V phantom power and 2 line-level (camera return only)
Connector: 4 x XLR-3F (2 with .25” jack)
Mic level input range: -56 to -26 dBu
Line level input range: -10 to +8 dB
Distortion: 0.0015%
ADC bit-depth: 24 bits
Dual ADC input dynamic range: 137 dB with NeverClip™
Clipping level: +28 dBu
Frequency response: 28** Hz to 22 kHz (48 kHz sampling-rate)
THD + noise: 0.0015%
Analog Out
Analog outputs: 2 Balanced XLR, 0dBu, -10dBu and -30dBu
1 Balanced TA5 (2 bus) 0dBu, -10dBu and -35dBu
Tape/mono output: 2 balanced TA5, 0dBu, -10dBu and -30dBu
Headphone 1: 1/4 inch stereo bus
Output level: 0 dBu @ -20 dBFS
Clipping level: +20 dBu
DAC Bit-depth: 24 Bits
DAC Dynamic Range: 115dB
Impedance: 30 ohm
Digital In/Out

Channel count: 2 AES or AES42 pairs (4 channels)
Connector: DB-15 mini (DE-15)
Source: Mix/Direct
AES Sample rate conversion: 32-96 KHz
- optional
Power Output: 10 / 50 / 100 mW – Software Selectable
RF Modulation: Proprietary Digital Method
RF Frequency Range: 518.0 to 850.0 MHz (Typical Blocks are 24 MHz wide)
RF Frequency Step: 100 KHz
RF Bandwidth: 200 KHz
Channel Separation: 500 KHz (700 KHz recommended)
Antenna Connector: 50 Ω SSMA Female
Emission Designator: 180 KV2E
FCC Part: 75.861

Track count: 4 ISO + 2-channel stereo mix
Bit-depth (primary card): 24 bits
Bit-depth (mirror card): 16 / 24 bits
Sample rates (kHz): 44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96,192
(192 4-track maximum)
Head room: 20 to 44 dB
Format: MARF II, .BWF
Max Pre-record duration: 5 seconds
Data Storage
Internal: Compact Flash
External: None.Internal Mixer
Mixer Type: 32 bit floating point DSP
Mixer Cross Point: 8 input x 4 output (Pre-fader / Post-fader / Phase Inversion)
A-D / D-A resolution: 24 bit
Head room: Selectable 12 to 20 dB

Delay: 0 to 60 mS in .1mS steps
Notch filter: 2 band, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range adjustable
Compressor type: soft knee with side chain
High Pass Filter: 20 Hz to 230 Hz
Timecode Reader/Generator
Timecode type: SMPTE
Connector: BNC
Input Voltage: 1-4VPP
Output Voltage: 2VPP
Clock Accuracy: 1.54 PPM (1 frame out in 6 hours)
Timecode Frame-rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF, 30DF

Internal: 6AA 7-9 VDC, 4 hours of usage (NiMH)
External: 8 to 18 VDC
External Power: 8 to 18 VDC ( 12V @260mA)
Power Connecter: Hirose
Battery Meter: Yes, on LCD display

Size (H x W x D) 2.0″ x 7.5″ x 5.25″
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Display: Full color sunlight readable LCD
Meters: Output / Input / Card
Slate Mic: Internal


**Serial #10107 and above, prior to this 50 HZ – 22 kHz

All Specifications subject to change without notice